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Aviation business consulting and recruiting
Market research and aviation business consulting

BAS will conduct market research based on your requirements and will offer the most suitable niche market for your aircraft.

We will find you the most appropriate contracts so that your assets maximise their potential and bring you the most benefits.

Our consultants will advise you on the use of your resources on the international market, as well as on the issues arising during contract negotiations and execution of the contract.

Business correspondence with international partners and clients

BAS will provide written and verbal communication between you and your clients at a professional level.

Your commercial offers will be presented to your clients according to international standards.

International law firms, our partners, will compile a contract and supervise it until the deal’s closure.

Recruiting aviation professionals

Connections with aviation specialists, who have worked in various parts of the world, enable us to recruit suitable professionals for your objectives.

Partner recruiting companies will assist in hiring those professionals that we do not have in our database.

Our international partners will offer substitute staff for your temporary contracts.

Training and licensing

BAS will select training programmes according to your needs, whether it is flight or aircraft maintenance training.

You can get PPL, IR or CPL training in flight schools of our partners in the country of your choice. Alternatively, BAS will organize training on your company’s grounds.

Our partner companies offer services of TRI and TRE to aviation professionals who need to renew their licences.

International project management
Marketing aircraft operators’ services

BAS will take care of promoting your company's services in the aviation market. We will find the right client and the right contract for your aircraft.

If necessary, our copywriters will redesign the English version of your website for it to become more functional and look more professional.

Our partners will assist in accreditation of your company with UN, WFP and other humanitarian organizations. This will enable you to take part in tenders for the provision of aviation services.

Contract negotiations support

We will manage correspondence, provide linguistic and legal support for contract negotiations.

Our staff will organise negotiations, meetings and interpreting for every stage until the deal’s closure.

BAS cooperate with native speakers and interpreters of English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Swahili, Farsi and some other languages.

Aviation project management

Our managers' vast experience in supervising aviation units on UN, WFP and other commercial contracts in various regions of the world enable us to tackle some of the most difficult tasks.

We manage various aircraft including Mil Mi-2, Mi-8 MTV, Antonov An-2, An-74, LET L-410 UVP-E20 to name but a few.

BAS will organize all aspects of a contract provision with the help of the project and site managers.

Liaisons with the local authorities and the client

BAS provides legal support in the country of aviation operations.

Any communication with the client, the local authorities and other governmental structures are our managers' duties.

We will take care of customs clearances, certification of aircraft, validation of pilots’ licences, as well as of any other legal representation of your company.

Assistance in participation in international aviation shows and exhibitions
Participation in aviation shows and exhibitions

BAS will assist you in your participation in aviation shows, exhibitions, and conventions. Our staff will take care of visas, airport transfers, and accommodation.

We will prepare documentation for exhibited items as well as for exhibition space rental.

Interpreting services

Our qualified interpreters, with a background in aviation, will provide verbal communication with international colleagues.

They will translate presentations, documents and leaflets in English, German, French, Portuguese and some other languages.

Presentation preparation

We will make a presentation of your services or products at a professional level with the help of modern technology.

BAS consultants will help deliver the presentation and your ideas to the audience and show the advantages of your product.

Alternatively, our consultants will interpret for you during the presentation and help you answer questions.

Aircraft sales and maintenance
Assistance in acquiring new aircraft

BAS can assist in acquiring both Russian and Western-made helicopters and planes.

Well-established connections with partner companies enable us to provide new aircraft with significant discounts and shorter delivery times.

Our partners will provide training and certification of aviation professionals for the purchased aircraft. They will also assist in establishing a maintenance base and the provision of spare parts.

Sales of used aircraft

Our partners have a vast range of Russian and Western-made aircraft for sale.

If you need a particular helicopter or plane, which is not in our database, we will search the market and find it for you.

Aircraft maintenance and spare part sales

BAS partners operate repair and maintenance bases licensed for maintenance of Russian and Western aircraft.

Mobile aviation engineer units will repair and perform maintenance of aircraft at the clients’ locations.

Our partners' pool of spare parts and effective logistics enable them to deliver required spare parts promptly in order to maintain the airworthiness of aircraft.

About BAS

BAS is a team of aviation professionals with extensive work experience in various missions in different countries.

We provide project management and supervise aviation groups. We act as a connecting link between the clients requiring aviation services and the companies, which provide them.

BAS will assist in realizing a full potential of Aircraft Operators on the international market.


BAS is an authorized agent of companies which provide a vast range of aviation services.

KOMIAVIATRANS JSC is a state-owned company and an Aircraft Operator licenced to operate various aircraft including Mil Mi-8MTV, Mi-8AMT, LET L-410 UVP-E20 and other makes.

RUSAVIATRADE makes savings on the purchase of new aircraft possible and significantly speed up aircraft delivery times.

AIR-DYNAMIC provides charter flight, aircraft management and aviation personnel training services. Their fleet consists of Western-made VIP jets and helicopters.

Our partners' collective aviation services include repair and maintenance of the various aircraft makes and models.

The partners' pool of spare parts covers all needs of operators of Russian-made helicopters.

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